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Who is Luisa De Brazil...


I'm a 30 y/o Brazilian beauty that loves life and all it has to offer. What is it about Brazilian women that makes us so sexy you may wonder? It is because we are born with an innate sensual mystique and we are taught from an early age to be proud of our sensual being and to love our bodies.


What's it like spending time with me?


I offer the opportunity to spend time getting to know each other and for you to completely enjoy our time together. I strive to create an environment where we can both relax and escape the pressures of the outside world. We will create a reality where we enjoy each other’s time and intimate company.

I enjoy building an intimate connection that will linger long after we have parted ways. Remember it is important to me that our date has an exciting natural organic flow, where we can relax and enjoy our time together with no pretense.


On the outside...

  • Gender: Female

  • Hair: Black

  • Ht: 5'2"

  • Wt: 115 lb

  • Age: 30


On the inside.......

I am gentle, sweet, and patient, I am a natural-born pleaser. I love entertaining gentlemen because in my culture we women are taught to do so from an early age. However,r I am an independent strong woman of the 21st century. I am the amazing marriage of the old and new Brazillian women. I love trying and learning new things. I am an explorer of the world of sorts. I am instinctually curious and can never turn away from an exciting new experience.


If what you have read stirs your interest then by all means fill out my contact form or send me an intro email telling me about yourself and let's see where this leads!



Luisa De Brazil


Você me tira o fôlego/ Você me deixa sem fôlego.


    Phone: 954-210-3654





Luisa De Brazil

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